GCRMC Gets New Robot for Joint Replacements

BAY COUNTY, Fla - Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center has a new option for patients looking into joint replacement.

'Mako,' is Gulf Coast Regional's newest robot that's transforming the way joint replacements are performed. They're the only facility in Northwest Florida with this technology. The new robot allows healthcare providers to create personalized surgical plans for patients.

"Robots are the future of medicine," says Director of Marketing and Public Relations Brittany Cole. "We have the Da Vinci, which is a great robot, and then the Mako we've added and we're looking to add more robots in the future and it's really just the future of medicine.  It's more precise and the recovery time is a lot less for patients and we just want out patients to have a great experience and have the best technology there is out there."

If you would like to check out the new robot there will be a 'Meet Mako' event Friday in the Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center's main lobby from 2:00 - 4:00 p-m.

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