Gaskey Trial Begins in Holmes County

HOLMES COUNTY, Fla. - A double homicide in Ponce De Leon back in 2015 went to trial Wednesday morning. The trial began at 8:30 and is expected to last through at Saturday.

Joshua Gaskey is charged with two counts of murder in the first degree and armed robbery after an incident that occurred in April of 2015. The latest details in the case revolve around the relationship between Gaskey and the Brooks family. 

Joshua Gaskey appeared in front of the Honorable Judge Christopher Patterson regarding his involvement in a 2015 double homicide and home invasion in Ponce De Leon. Reports say in April of 2015, Gaskey broke into the Brooks home, shot both of them in the head and stole two prescription pill bottles of narcotics that belonged to the couple. However, this was no random break in, Joshua Gaskey has history with the Brooks family.

"When it comes to Josh, I have a hard time telling him no" said the victim's son, Dale Hardin.

Dale Hardin, told the courtroom that he took Gaskey under his wing about six years ago hoping to help him turn his life around by giving him shelter and helping him and his girlfriend with expenses. When Gaskey's Ex- Fiance was asked about the money Hardin was providing them on a regular basis, she thought nothing about it was unusual. 

"I just figured because it was like family that Dale just wanted to help because Josh was like his son" said Gaskey's Ex-Fiance, Sarah Carroll. 

In an attempt to help him "get clean", Hardin even allowed him to move in with him and his parents, but that didn't help him with the narcotics addiction. In fact, it made pills more accessible on occasion. 

"They would give us pills, we would find them, we would sneak in there and go take a couple of them, just however we could find them, we would get them"  said Carroll. 

The trial will go through Saturday and you can follow the action here at


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