Gaskey Found Guilty for 1st Degree Murders, Burglary & Robbery

BONIFAY, Fla. - A Pensacola man is found guilty for a double murder in Holmes County.

Joshua Gaskey, 30, is convicted for shooting Glen and Jackie Brooks, along with burglary and robbery of prescription pills at their home on the night of April 18, 2015.

On Friday, the Honorable Judge Christopher Patterson read out a guilty verdict for all four counts after state and defense attorneys gave their closing arguments, and the jury deliberated.

"He realized quickly these people were givers, they allowed them into their house. They gave them a place to live. They gave them the benefit of the doubt two, or three times before they finally set limits and finally said 'no more'," said State Attorney Brandon Young.

Young tells the jury about Gaskey's confession to Holmes County Sheriff's investigators the morning after the shootings.

"He said Pops got it first, twice. Then Ma, and remember - we're not talking about twice. Ma got it here, and got it right on top of the head," said Young.

"He had a gun with him. He told us in his statement his intent was to scare them into giving him his medications," added Young.

However Defense Attorney Mark Sims points out there's no recovered smoking gun, or fingerprints to prove Gaskey gunned down the couple.

"There's absolutely no physical evidence in this case that points to Josh Gaskey to being the killer," said Sims.

Sims suggests that the couple's son, Dale Hardin, was the shooter.

Sims presented pictures of a rifle in Hardin's room.

"Why is there something that looks like blood next to a gun that matches the caliber of the weapon that killed his parents in his room?" asked Sims.

Sims also points out that the firearms expert with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) didn't test the blood on the wall next to the rifle.

"We don't know. We could have known had they done their job - tested the rifle, got the blood. Well, they got a confession and quit," said Sims.

Attorney Young adds with a rebuttal.

"What is the crime scene completely consistent with? A revolver and not only a handgun, a handgun - and not only a handgun, but a revolver because there's no shell casings and the proximity doesn't fit a long-gun."

Gaskey is facing the death penalty in this case.

Sentencing proceedings will begin Saturday morning at 8:30 a.m.

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