Funding Cuts For State Colleges

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - The proposed 82.4 billion dollar budget state lawmakers sent to Gov. Rick scott cuts 30 million dollars in funding for the state college system. 

With this cut, Gulf Coast State College could lose about a million dollars from it's operational budget.

The majority of the cuts are coming out of remedial and developmental education at state colleges. 

For gulf coast state college, it could cost them about one million dollars, or a three to four percent cut.

Many within the 28-college system are asking Gov. Rick scott to veto the entire budget, in hopes lawmakers will return to tallahassee and restore the funding. 

However, Gulf Coast State College's President, John Holdnak, believes a veto could have negative impacts. 

"If he were to do that we go from a 30 million dollar cut from the system, to about a seven hundred and thirty million dollar cut for the system. And we have to wait for the legislature to revisit the issue," he said. 

Holdnak also pointed out many inconsistencies in state college funding over the last few years.

While the criteria for performance based funding changes ever year, others say the method of cutting some programs over others isn't rational.  

"So when you don't fund us on enrollment and you don't fund us on certain programs, but then when you're doing budget reductions and you do it based on a certain program, there's no connection between where the money came from and how they're removing the money," Holdnak said. 

Since no one knows what the governor will do, President Holdnak is beginning to look for areas to cut spending.

"We've been spending days of the week for the last few weeks trying to look at places that we can reduce expenditures while trying to make sure that the students educational process and educational goals is always met," he said. 

Currently 75 percent of gulf coast's total budget goes to salaries, which does not leave many areas they can cut. 

"it is as if the legislature is reinstalling a recession here at gulf coast, and we're having to downsize," Holdnak said. 

The college system's budget is just part of the 82 point 4 billion dollar proposed budget that's heading to the governor.

The final budget will be in tact July 1st. 


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