Franklin County Sheriff's Office Prepares for Spring Break

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Fla. - With spring break right around the corner, the Franklin County Sheriff's Office is gearing up for a busy summer. 
Sheriff A.J. Smith talks about his expectations for visitors coming to the panhandle.

"We're looking to have crowds every weekend. We have a lot of day travelers that come down here as well as the people that rent rooms and houses. The message we want to get out is were going to have zero tolerance for littering, speeding, underage alcohol, all these things that effect the quality of life here because we want to keep it really family oriented," said Franklin County Sheriff, A.J. Smith.

Local businesses who are effected by Spring Break weighing in on the issues as well.

"I think it's a wonderful place to vacation. It's a wonderful place to bring your kids. We love the spring breakers when they're respectful of the island and the property and the environment, we love them," said local business owner, Joe Bacher.

"Treat our home like its your home. You wouldn't throw your litter in your front yard. You wouldn't speed down your street. So don't do it to ours. If you want to come here and do those things, you're going to be arrested. There's no warnings, thats the way its going to be. So, we're going to be patroling the beaches down here as well as on the road. We'll be watching whats going on," said Sheriff Smith.

"If you come down here and don't want to respect our laws or our property, I guarantee you'll meet our sheriff A.J. Smith," said Joe Bacher.

But with an overwhelming amount of people expected to visit the Panhandle this summer, Sheriff Smith says you can help keep the beaches safe.

"If you see something, call us. Get a good description of the violator and let us come take care of the problem. Because, if we deal with a few people and let them know we're not going to put up with this kind of foolishness, I think that that'll go a long way as far as keeping these other people that may come here and think they're going to do something, to keep them in line," said Sheriff Smith

The Sheriffs Office plans to be patrolling the beaches in full force from now until the end of the summer. 

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