Franklin County Residents Not Afraid of Irma

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Fla. - Apalachicola residents felt the impact of hurricane Irma Monday morning throughout the afternoon. 

Empty streets, boarded up businesses and wind gusts strong enough to make you lose your balance. That was the scene early monday morning as Irma made it's way through the panhandle, but despite the inclimate weather, those in town for the storm were able to find the bright side. 

"We kinda had like a little mini vacation I guess we saw the island and the mandatory evacuation on St. George Island and we just came here," said Josh Cadwallader. While almost every business closed for Irma, one diner didn't see the storm as a threat.  

"Well there are people in town that are hungry and they'd like to eat," said Dolores Roux, Sweet Shop Owner. Some residents headed the warning to evacuate but those who stayed and rode it out say they wouldn't have done it any differently

"All we're gonna have are dirty yards," said Roux. The residents of Apalachicola are thankful that the storm wasn't as bad as it could have been and are hoping for an early end to hurricane season. 


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