Franklin County Prepares for Hurricane Irma Sunday Night

Apalachicola, Fla.In Franklin County ton - In Franklin County tonight, officials there have been preparing for Irma for the last week declaring a state of emergency. News 13's Peyton LoCicero joins us with an update.

Here in Franklin County, residents and evacuees are starting to feel the effects of Hurricane Irma. Some business owners have gone ahead and boarded up. One of the businesses behind me, even put sandbags on their front doors and doorsteps. Winds are starting to pick up here, but as of right now, no road closures are in effect and, both of the bridges are open. 

Earlier today, when we were out, we caught up with a gentleman from South Florida who evacuated here to Apalachicola. He traveled all these hours hoping he would be out of harm's way. Now, he's uncertain. 

"Pretty much boarded it up and was ready for the storm surge. So, I got here but, figured it would be a good place to live if I got back and there was a bunch of flooding."

As of right now, no one is really on the streets. People are staying inside their doors and waiting to ride this out and seeing what these winds do, if they stay where they are or if they would pick up.

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