Four People Have Been Arrested for Allegations of Child Abuse

Four Arrested for Allegations of Child Abuse

COTTONDALE, Fla. - Four people were arrested in Cottondale after being reported for child abuse.

Kenneth W. Spoonder III, 20, Tyler Sheffield, 19, Danny Tijerina, 18, and Jade Whitehead, 20, were arrested September 24, 2017 after being reported to the Jackson County Sheriffs Office for allegedly hitting seven children with a belt.

Bruises were noticeable on six of the seven children and photographed by authorities.

Authorities say they also deprived the children of sleep and required them to do exercises in the yard until 4 AM.

The four have all been charged with child abuse and have been released on bond.

The Jackson County Sheriff's Office is working with other agencies on this case.

"It's been turned over to an investigator. Dcf is involved with it as well. You know, we're doing some follow up as far as investigating," said Captain Scott Edwards.

Authorities say that the four could possibly have other charges and that other suspects may be involved.

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