Former Nursing Home Nurse's License Placed on Emergency Restriction

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. - A local nurse is under investigation by the Florida Department of Health after his coworkers accuse him of engaging in sexual acts with multiple patients at Provision Living nursing home on Panama City Beach.

"Some of his coworkers were concerned about some of his behaviors with the female patients, specifically with dementia," said Ruth Corley, BCSO Public Affairs Specialist.

Reports with the Department of Health said on multiple occasions, a co-worker has walked in on the nurse, Frankie Holliday, in a room with a patient while the lights are off. One of those times he was allegedly in bed with the patient.

The Bay County Sheriff's Office said their investigation into Holliday started in September of last year, but the patients dementia made their job a little harder.

"We could not talk to any of the patients because they could not serve as witnesses or victims really and tell us what had been done to them, if anything," said Corley.

The Sheriff's Office also ran the patient's clothing and bed sheets through DNA testing, but found nothing on Holliday.

"We just were unable to find concrete proof or enough evidence to make that probable cause to arrest him and charge him criminally," said Corley.

They did help the Department of Health with their recent investigation.

Last month, Holliday's license was placed on an emergency restriction. Part of those restrictions state he is not allowed to care for female patients.

"They don't have to meet the same criteria we do in order to bring criminal charges. It's an administrative hearing and in their opinion based on the statements from the witnesses or from the workers that were there, his coworkers, they were able to make a determination that met their standard," said Corley.

The order to restrict Holliday's license states there will also be a proceeding seeking formal discipline of that license.

News 13 did reach out to administrators with Provision Living for this story and they chose not to comment.

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