Former Bay County Commissioner passes away

Published 11/29 2015 11:20PM

Updated 11/29 2015 11:20PM

A former Bay County Commissioner who was instrumental in the construction of the new airport has died.

Friends and colleagues of Marc Nolen say he passed away at Gulf Coast Medical Center this Sunday afternoon.

Nolen was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. He served as a commissioner in Bay County from 1996 to 2000.

Former commissioner Robert Wright who served with Nolen says when they served, the county was in the planning process for the new airport in West Bay.

Wright says he will be missed by many.

"You get close to them you get to know what their inner thoughts are in makes me sad he was a good guy he was always concerned about the little man the average person in the community. He kinda softened up my hard edges from time to time helping me out with issues and stuff he was a good public servant," said Wright.

Among his other contributions to the community. His friends say he went into real estate and was involved in the development of the Grand Panama Beach Resort in Panama City Beach.

He also served in the United States Marines. Nolen was 51 years old.

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