Flooding in Bay County

BAY COUNTY, Fla. - With bad weather comes extra caution on the road and law enforcement is reminding drivers to stay safe and drive smart. Roadways were underwater in Bay County due to heavy rain in the area. Alf Coleman road in Panama City Beach is commonly known to flood during storms and Wednesday morning was no exception. 

The road was closed to local traffic only and vehicles had to drive through nearly a foot of water. Law enforcement is reminding drivers to "turn around and don't drown". 

"So if you're going to go over an area that you're not really comfortable with, you know if you think it's dangerous, find another way. It's not worth losing your car, or losing your life" PCBP Lieutenant, J.R.Talamantez.

Along with flooding on the beach, roads much more inland also experienced quite a bit of flooding. Off of Highway 77 and 6th Street a work truck found itself submerged in a body of water on the street that turned out to be way deeper than expected. 

"Just because you travel that road one hundred times, you're not really paying attention to the curvature of the road and how low it actually goes in comparison to the rest of the scenery around it" said Talamantez.

Flooding isn't just dangerous on the road, but can be dangerous to your home as well. Bay County Public Works has free sand available for public bagging. All you have to do is bring your own bags.

"We had placed some sand at Deer Point and we placed some at the Beach also. Just due to the amount of rain we had last week and the rain we knew we we're getting this week" said Bay County Director Public Works, Keith Bryant.

If you have to be on the road and you feel unsafe while driving in bad weather, law enforcement encourages you to pull over, put your hazards on,  and wait it out. Make sure you are not driving with your hazards on because it's a dangerous distraction to other drivers. If you need assistance, call your local police and they will assist you. 


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