Father Speaks About Daughter Killed In Rocky Creek Double Murder

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - A grieving father is speaking out on two women who were murdered in Jackson County last weekend.
Brock Henderson, retired firefighter and father of 33-year-old Kassi Henderson, spoke with News 13 by phone from Kassi's hometown of Phoenix, Arizona.
On Saturday he lost his daughter to gun violence at a mobile home in the Rocky Creek community.
Henderson provided a call log, that showed he was the final phone call. 
"I pay for Kassi's service. I bought Kassi's phone. Her phone is on my bill," said Henderson.
"The next one she made, the last one she made was to - was to me," added Henderson.
The call log shows the 911 call was made at 8:46 p.m. on February 11th.
It's just around the same time Jackson County Sheriff's deputies received the call.
The call lasted three minutes.
Four minutes later, that's when Kassi called her father.
"I said 'Hello' or 'Hey Kass' just like I normally do. And so, she didn't answer. I said 'Hey Kass', louder so she could here me..nothing. I said okay, sounds like a butt call to me, so I'm hanging up, and I hung up," said Henderson.
Kassi had traveled from Arizona to Jackson County to visit her friend Mary Reed.
She was supposed to return to Arizona in a few weeks.
"She was planning to be here [Arizona] in March, and then after she'd finish here she'd go back to her mother in Tennessee," said Henderson.
Henderson said the relationship between Kassi and Mary was strong.
They were longtime friends.
"She was one of Kassi's - I mean I would call her a second mom," said Henderson.
Henderson will always remember his daughter for her strong-will.
She had also been diagnosed with 'Cerebellar Ataxia', a disorder in the brain that affects strength, and physical balance.
"She was my hero...strongest person...that I know," said Henderson.
Kassi's father has made funeral arrangements in Panama City.
She will be cremated here and her remains returned home.
Reed's grandson will help send Kassi's personal belongings back to Arizona.

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