Econfina Creek Bridge Shut Down After Weekend Rain

BAY COUNTY, Fla. - A Bay County bridge is closed after a very wet weekend. A storm that rolled through the Panhandle dumped lots of rain and left some water to flood the Econfina Creek Bridge in Youngstown Monday.

The Florida Department of Transportation shut down the bridge. Bay County Deputy Chief of Emergency Services Brad Monroe says officials expected the weekend rain to flood the bridge.

"We've anticipated the possibilities of some bridge closures," said Monroe.

The entrance of Pitt & Sylvan Springs State Park, was also flooded out. However, Monroe says plans are in place.

"We have alternate plans to reroute the 911 calls to make sure all the areas are covered on both sides of the effected bridge," said Monroe.

Bay County is not the only area to see the impact.

Just a little further North, a viewer sent a video of an unusual downpour at Falling Waters State Park in Washington County.

However, Monroe says a bridge closure is not unusual. "This happens from time to time when we have local flooding and sometimes when we have hurricanes or the storms that dump a lot of water on the county," he said.

County officials say they've worked with law enforcement to detour drivers from crossing over the bridge on Highway 20.

"Florida Highway Patrol and County Sheriff's Department are working to reroute traffic to assure that we don't have anybody driving off in the water and then causing more accidents or problems."

County officials expect to reopen the bridge Tuesday morning.

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