Downtown Improvement Board Approves Site Plan of "Heard it on Harrison"

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - The days of Friday Fest are officially over and a new event will soon take over the streets of Downtown Panama City on the first Friday of every month. The Downtown Improvement Board named it "Heard it on Harrison."
"It's going to be a lot more family-friendly," said Jennifer Vigil, Destination Panama City CEO.
The board approved the site plan for Heard it on Harrison, which makes the layout of the event smaller and more focused on the music.
"One of the big improvements for the site-plan is that there's going to be one stage," said Vigil.
Instead of multiple small bands scattered around, there will be one space for the acts.
"We've also increased the budget for the entertainment aspect so hopefully having a little bit more name recognition for some of the musical acts that will be coming will actually be a bigger draw to the area," said Vigil.
To come up with what would be new for Heard it on Harrison, they listened to the community.
"When we had our other events - the last two Friday Fests, the Oktoberfest, the Boat Parade of Lights - we actually kind of used those as focus groups and we talked to people about thing that they would like to see, how the events could be improved," said Vigil.
One of the biggest things people wanted was better seating
"So that families don't have to like push their stroller, try to eat their hot dog and walk down the street," said Vigil.
By request, the DIB also plans to change the theme of Heard it on Harrison each month to keep people interested in the event year-round.
With a few months to go they are looking forward to seeing how the community responds to Heard it on Harrison come March.
"It's really going to be more concentrated, more family-friendly, and really it's going to be a really nice event coming up for the spring," said Vigil.
The Downtown Improvement Board says the site plan is mobile to accommodate when construction begins on the CRA's streetscape improvement project.

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