DeTect Releases 'Drone Watcher App - ProVersion'

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - There's a smartphone app for almost anything, including an app to detect when a drone device is flying nearby.

'DeTect' North America General Manager Jesse Lewis understands that sometimes the device can be a pest.

"You know a lot of people don't like the idea of a drone flying over their house that's for sure," said Lewis.

However, there's an app for that, or what some might call a pocket-sized radar.

The company that's headquartered in Panama City released its latest version of the 'Drone Watcher App'.

"This particular version allows more advanced features like signal strength so you can get an idea of how close that drone is," said Lewis.

Users can detect the devices about a quarter to a half a mile away.

Lewis said other bells and whistles includes users joining in as a group to detect the drones.

The app also has more map features.

"The pro-version allows you to connect many devices and develop like a low-cost network. So like if you get one of your friends detects a zone, on the map, you can see 'oh, that person's detected a zone that's part of your group," said Lewis.

He also adds that with this app, there's strength in numbers.

"The most significant feature I believe is the ability to share those detections with a group of people so that you can tackle the issue with lots of people."

Lewis believes there's no limit to how the app can be used.

"It's scalable.You could have the standard private citizen that wants the drone detection system outside of their house all the way up to a corporate facility or an airport," said Lewis. 

The Pro Version of the app is now available for Android smartphone and tablet users for $5.

It's also available for Amazon Fire users.

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