Destin City Council Votes on Noise Ordinance

Destin, Fla. - Noise issues have some Destin citizens fighting for a new ordinance to be put into place. The Destin City Annex was full tonight, with citizens and business owners, who came to speak in favor or against the proposed noise ordinance. 
"Nobody is trying to shut it down. We're just asking to turn it down and somehow or another, we keep forgetting that," explained Guy Tadlock, Destin resident. 

At the beginning of the meeting, Mayor Scott Fischer informed the crowd that only a residential area noise ordinance would be discussed and on the agenda. As the South Harbor Mixed Use District known as a "Festive Market Place," would b excluded in the proposed ordinance but, would be discussed in the future. 

Several business owners, in attendance still chose to address the council to express their concerns with the possibility of hindering their businesses. The proposed ordinance would be based solely on audible complaints. 

"I want y'all to hear this analogy to see if you realize. Shoplifting is bad and you can stop it by closing the store, okay? You won't have anymore shoplifting. Look at the incidents of the problem and see if we have someone there who can or may we hire, that is a code enforcement officer that we can call," said Peter Bos, Chairman of Legendary Marine. 

"The noise ordinance that, as it is written right now, will give us a lot of relief in the residential areas. I really encourage you, I think the right thing was done, relative to taking out the Harbor District and seeing what can be done to see about those establishment working with us," explained Tadlock.

Destin City Council voted on the residential ordinance. The residential noise ordinance passed with a five to one vote, with Parker Destin as the "No" vote. For now, the South Harbor Mixed Use area will remain under Destin's current noise ordinance.

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