Deputies Buy Propane Tank to Keep Family Warm

HOLMES COUNTY, Fla. - Corporal Jason Stafford knew at a young age he wanted to be a cop. Now seven years on the job, he can't see himself doing anything else.
"From growing up playing cops and robbers and fulfilling that dream to become someone who can make a difference," said Stafford.
This uniform gives him the opportunity to make that difference. 

"I don't think there's a greater pride than helping someone who truly needs it, " said Stafford.

Last week, a cold night led to a cry for help from an elderly woman in Ponce De Leon. She was cold and needed propane to help heat her house.

"She was cold, she was shivering," said Deputy Brett Wilson. 

Both men sprung into action to help the Holmes county family. They went to two stores before finding a propane tank and brought it back to her.

Stafford paid for it and they both set it up and made sure the home was warming up before they left.

"She was smiling after that, so it was a really great moment," said Stafford.

The woman was emotional, grateful, and more importantly, warm.  An amazing feeling for both men, who were more than happy to help. 

"She started hugging us, she started crying, which really touched me that night, and been on my heart pretty much ever since then that," said Stafford. "You actually made a positive experience with someone."

"You deal with all sorts of calls and different things," said Wilson. "This is a case where it feels really food to do something for someone else."

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