Crestview teen charged in attack

Published 07/26 2016 06:12PM

Updated 07/26 2016 06:12PM

A Crestview teen was charged with aggravated battery and burglary in a year-old assault.

Okaloosa Sheriff's Deputies wrote in a news release that the victim was unloading groceries on July 26th, 2015 at her home on Brown Place when an individual attacked her and tried to shove her into the trunk of her car.

The 32-year old victim had multiple broken bones, and a concussion as a result of the attack.

However, the victim was able to get away and get to a neighbor for help. The suspect ran away when the neighbor came out of the home. 

Then in October of 2015 while walking her dog, the victim spotted the suspect, allegedly 17-year old Gabriel Simon, outside his home on Brown Place and immediately contacted law enforcement, officials wrote adding that she later picked the defendant out of a photographic line-up.

After receiving the results of forensics back from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Simon was arrested July 14th.

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