Copacabana Hotel in Saint Andrews Purchased

BAY COUNTY, Fla. - The Copacabana Hotel has been condemned for years and has been the subject of numerous complaints and violations. 

 Over the years, the Saint Andrews' area has slowly been re-defining itself as a nicer destination for locals and tourists. The Copacabana Hotel however, continues to be an eyesore in the area. After years of abandonment, the property has been purchased with plans to turn it around.

A broken-down, barbed wire fence surrounds what used to be a hotel in Historic Saint Andrews. Now the hotel is historically known as the biggest eyesore on Beck Avenue.

"Eyesore,'re spending all the money downtown. You've got new businesses coming in, you've got other businesses coming in and you're revamping you know older structures but this...there's nothing you can do with this" said By The Sea Resorts Purchaser, Blake Cannon.

There have been multiple complaints about the run-down hotel, complaints that have been brought to the attention of city officials.  

"If a property owner is trying to get a problem resolved on their own, we'd much rather let them get that problem resolved on their own as opposed to us having to go take that action" said Panama City Manger, Jeff Brown.

Maintaining a nuisance, unsafe structure and overgrowth are just a few of the many violations the building has received, violations that have not been resolved by the previous property owner or code enforcement. The city says the land was purchased in the last 90 days by a company called 1212 Beck Ave LLC.

Visitors to the area say the space has potential to really be anything. 

"Additional parking, if they wanted to use it and do something for the community, that would be great. But anything is better than what's there right now" said Cannon.

The buyer of the property has yet to contact WMBB back about what the exact plans for the property are, but city officials said the building will come down for sure. 

A code enforcement hearing for the Copacabana building is set for July 20th at 2:30pm at Panama City, City Hall.


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