Congressman Dunn Speaks On National and Local Concerns

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - Congressman Neal Dunn presented Friday morning at the Bay County Chamber of Commerce's First Friday event.

Dunn talked about his priorities as a Congressman. While some of those were issues that concern all Americans, he said he is also keeping his eyes on several local items. 

He outlined his priorities for Bay County, which stressed military issues, Red Snapper season, Eastern shipbuilding, Gulf Range enhancement, and the Federal Courthouse building. 

Dunn supports keeping the Federal Courthouse in Bay County, and he said he likes the idea of offering the Federal Court System the use of the Juvenile Courthouse.

He said Senator Marco Rubio is on-board, but he's concerned about getting the support of others in D.C.

"We're going to work hard on it, and I think it makes sense. We're going to make the case for all of 400 thousand people involved. Almost all of them by the way are in my congressional district," Dunn said. 

He mentioned that Senator Rubio is also working to appoint a new judge in Northern Florida. 

Dunn also talked about Trump's decision Thursday to pull out of the Paris Climate Change agreement. He said he supported the president's reasons, and that his position on the House Science Committee gave him a better perspective. 

"Everybody likes to sit back here in Florida where it's already pretty warm and comfortable, and argue about what the science shows. On the Science Committee we don't have that luxury. We go up to the North Pole where they actually measure those things and look at what the data shows, and I promise you it doesn't show what you're reading," he said. 

However, as a veteran and a doctor, Congressman Dunn says he ran for Congress so he could help reform healthcare. 

He voted with the majority of the house to repeal Obamacare and is hoping the senate follows suit, calling the current healthcare system "broken."

"The government doesn't have to guarentee everything, every dollar, it doesn't have to be involved. And I think another thing we're gonna do is we're gonna focus on making the patients the focus of healthcare, not the government's data drive," he said. 

Dunn said that insurance companies agreed, and are capable of rebuilding on market principles. As for the Paris Agreement, Dunn said America needs to focus on growing the economy first. 


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