Civics Teacher Accused of Pouring Water on Student

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - An Everitt Middle School teacher is under investigation by the school district and law enforcement after she allegedly poured water on a student's head.

According to an incident report from the Bay County Sheriff's Office Civics teacher Heather Walters poured water on the student because he was sleeping in her classroom.

The report goes on to say that the Tuesday incident was not the first time the student slept in Walters' class. During previous incidents, she dropped books near him.

The student's mom, Brittany Johnson, described the incident as bullying by a teacher.

"I don't feel like the teacher knew whether or not my son was not feeling well.  If he was sick, had been sick nor did she care to even ask that question before she poured the water on his head," she said. "She did it in front of the whole class and embarrassed my child he was very upset about it. 

And to see my child upset or any child for that infuriated me."

However, Sharon Michalik, the district's director of human resources, told News 13 that the Walters "playfully" interacted with water and the student. Michalik added that the teacher is "very sorry." District officials say they are addressing the issue and that they informed the the teacher that the behavior was inappropriate and that it was not condoned by the district.

Walters declined to comment on the advice of her attorney. The sheriff's office forwarded the battery complaint to the State Attorney's office for review.


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