City of Parker Celebrates 50 Years

PARKER, Fla. - There was a lot of excitement in the city of Parker on Friday as people there celebrated their 50th anniversary of being a city. But that wasn't the only anniversary being recognized.

"I have what you call roots!" said Parker resident Rosalee Davis.

 The roots of Parker run deep.

"This is a 200-year-old community that is celebrating it's 50th birthday," said Parker Mayor Rich Musgrave.

Just over 4,000 people call the city their home. 

"I was born and raised on the same street I live on and I'm 76-years-old," said Davis. 

The big anniversary was a good cause for celebration and some community bonding. 

"Somebody is walking around with a straw hat that has 100 dollars worth of lottery tickets on it," said Mayor Musgrave.

"The fire department, the water department, the city hall...all of them... they know you almost by name," said Davis. 

"When I first ran, one of the slogans I kind of ran on was 'putting the pride back in parker' but I'm now changing it to 'Parker is a great place to come home to,'" said Mayor Musgrave.

As some make plans for the future, others take a moment to look back.

"I'm 86 and my husband is almost 90," said Parker resident Margaret Ellsworth.

Margaret and Donald Ellsworth have been married nearly 70 years. They met at a dance at Tyndall Air Force Base. Then Donald was deployed.

"She wanted a wedding but I couldn't wait," said Donald. 

"I never wanted to leave but I couldn't stay away from my husband," said Margaret. 

After traveling the world together, it's more than Parker they call home, it's each other.

"Margaret has been my whole whole life... 70 years..," said Donald. 

The money raised from activities at the celebration will help fund the new building for the Parker History Museum. Our very own Amy Hoyt was there to help host the event. 

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