City of Panama City Moves Forward with Martin Theatre Repairs

By Larissa Scott |

Published 10/01 2016 12:28AM

Updated 10/01 2016 12:28AM

For decades the Martin Theatre in downtown Panama City has been the site for entertainment, art, and culture—now it's in need of some serious repairs. 


"The Martin Theatre is built in a very unique way, it's not a conventionally constructed building so therefore we've asked some architects to take a look at it,” said Panama City, City Manager Jeff Brown.


With some reports of water damage throughout the building and on the stages from a leaky roof, rotting wood, and sights of mold, the public works department is working on a design to replace the roof


"It's old, leaking and it's time for its replacement,” said Public Works Director Neil Fravel.


But that's the first of many problems—water in the walls behind the stucco outside, even makes the paint job a little more difficult.


"It has gotten some water behind it. You can tell that it's loose from the building. It needs to be repaired rather than just a band-aid put over the surface,” said Fravel.


There's $225,000 available in the budget to fix up the historic building, and city officials said they plan to do it sooner rather than later. 


"Our first priority is to get the roof done, to get the building dried back in again so that it's not leaking on the stage,” said Fravel.


City leaders said they want to repair the historic building the right way—making it a prime concern.


"It's celebrating its 80th birthday this year and we want to make sure that it's around for another 80 more,” said Brown.


According to the Public Works Department, the repairs should be complete by Spring of 2017.

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