City Of Lynn Haven Hires Ricky Ramie as Deputy Police Chief

LYNN HAVEN, Fla. - After recently retiring from the Bay County Sheriff's Office, Ricky Ramie now has a new title in Lynn Haven.

Lynn Haven's City Manager, Michael White, hired Ramie as the Police Department's new Deputy Police Chief.

Ramie served 25 years for the County, and was promoted to Captain under former Sheriff Frank McKeithen and to Major by current Sheriff Tommy Ford.

Many city officials, like the City Manager, say they are thrilled with this new addition to Lynn Haven's team.
"Ricky brings a whole different skill set -- he brings a skill set from a different organization, he will be interjecting the term "new blood" into our department," White said. "It will allow us to learn from what hes already accomplished."

White said opening up this new position is just one example of how he is hoping to improve several city departments.

"We do know that Chief Riemer is not always going to be here, and with any good organization you look at succession planning, and choosing Ricky we felt that would be the best place for the city to grow."

Mayor Margo Anderson said she is in great approval of the City Manager's decision, and believes the community will feel the same way.    
"I think he'll be well received by the Lynn Haven community, and we are a friendly community, our police department does a great job, it's a very safe place to live and I think he'll carry on the tradition of that department," she said.

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