City of Destin's Portable Restroom Ordinance

Destin, Fla. - Over in Destin, an ongoing problem with portable restrooms continues. While many people see the issue as an eye sore, others see it was a public service.
A proposed ordinance in Destin has been put on hold for now. The new ordinance stemmed from complaints from some holiday isle residents who were concerned about a porta-potty that was placed near land called Parcel B.<>

"They were complaining that the Emerald Grande guests were releiveing themselves in the sand dunes. Which we do not believe to be the case," said Peter Bos, Legendary LLC President and CEO.

In light of the proposed ordinance on portable restrooms being pulled from Monday's Destin City Council meeting, Peter Bos says he has a new question for the council. "when will the city provide a public restroom to the beach?"

"My feeling is the city should be doing something on this public beach because people need a public restroom no different than they do at Norriago Point," Bos S

Emerald Grande officials told us they realized not having a public restroom is a problem.

"There is a need for restrooms. There is a board walk that goes between the high traffic area and the land at Destin Point. The closest point at which we could put a porta potty was at the end of that board walk," said Bos.

Bos told us he felt like this was a good compromise and would be a public service to everyone, locals, tourists and homeowners.

"Clearly, the owners were not happy with a porta potty at the end of the road. So, the lesser of the two evils is that the people from the Jetties may ocassionally have to use the dunes. So, we removed it. We removed a the end of the summer voluntarily. It was just there for the crowds when the crowds of people were there," Bos said.

The proposed ordinance would restrict portable toilets to permitted construction sites and permitted special events only.

"It's one more restriction, one more limitation. The reality is, it got there in the first place to accomodate the owners of Destin Pointe," said Bos.

News 13 reached out to and spoke with several Destin Pointe homeowners who are both for and against the temporary toliet. Those against this option declined an on camera interview.

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