Check Your Cholesterol, February is Heart Health Month

PANAMA CITY, Fla - Thursday marks the start of National Heart Health month in the United States.

One in three women die of heart disease, but the disease can be avoided if you pay attention to the warning signs in your body.

News 13's Alex Thorson has this week's Health Desk report, sponsored by Bay Medical Sacred Heart.

Dr. Hashem Mubarak says heart disease doesn't get the attention it deserves.

"You know what the first sign could be? Dying [from] cardiac arrest. A lot of times it's too darn late to find out you have heart disease," the cardiologist said.

Killing more women than any cancer, heart disease comes with too many symptoms to keep track of. 

"You [could] have shortness of breath, you are not feeling well, you have nausea, you have shoulder pain, jaw pain, neck pain," he said.

It can be a quickly progressing disease. That's why it's important to tracking how your body looks and feels at all times.

He said if you have any unexpected or unexplained symptom, to visit your doctor right away. 

Women over the age of 50 are at greatest risk.

Watching your weight, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure regularly can help prevent heart issues. 

Many times, the disease goes undiagnosed because people ignore how they're feeling.

"'Oh I'm feeling fine' feeling fine does not guarantee that you do not have high blood pressure, high sugar, or high cholesterol," Mubarak said.

This Friday is national Go-Red day for women's heart health. 

Local hospitals will be wearing red and encourage you to, as well. 

Bay Medical Sacred Heart will be hosting a free heart disease seminar Thursday night.

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