Celebrate the New Year Twice in Bay and Gulf County

GULF COUNTY, Fla - Ringing in the New Year not once but twice, is a seventeen year old tradition for both Gulf and Bay County. 
"And we have been running ever since, carrying passengers safely throughout the town to their destinations," President of the Mexico Beach Community Development Council Kimberly Shoaf said. 
A complimentary trolley ride that will pick you up and drop  you off at 12 different locations. 
"You hop on one particular color coded bus if you want to go to a particular establishment. And it will take you there depending on if it is in Port St. Joe or Mexico Beach," Shoaf added.
A unique New Years eve tradition something that is special to this area. 
"I feel like its grown a lot every year. We have a lot of people who are interested just because it is so unique and something you can start during the day with our scavenger hunt and go through and see two firework shows with your family and its just a super easy and safe way to celebrate," Gulf County TDC Marketing Manager Kelli Jackson said. 
Safety is an important key to this celebration which is why the idea for the free trolley service was started.
"This way we provide the free shuttle transportation to everyone participating and it is just a safe way to get between both cities and enjoy the night," Shoaf added.
The trolley runs from 8 p.m. EST/ 7CST to 3 a.m. EST/ 2 CST. 
For more information on Celebrate Twice, click here. 

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