Calhoun County Schools Enjoy the Solar Eclipse

Calhoun County Schools View the Solar Eclipse

BLOUNTSTOWN, Fla. - One Blountstown Middle School teacher showed enough interest in the solar eclipse that Calhoun County Superintendent, Ralph Yoder decided to purchase enough viewing glasses for students and faculty in the county.

"Why not make this a county wide project and give our students and our staff an opportunity to learn about solar eclipse, learn about our solar system. And we're in the education business and this is just an educational opportunity that I thought we could take advantage of," said Ralph Yoder, BMS Superintendent.

All of the students gathered in the auditorium for a quick safety review on what not to do when viewing the eclipse.

Science teacher, Brooke Hall, explained to the students why the eclipse happened and the science behind it.

"I thought it was important that they learn now what's true and what's not true about the solar eclipses," said teacher, Brooke Hall.

Students went outside with their glasses and looked up to see what was going on in the sky.

"It looked like we were on another planet, a little creepy. But over all it was pretty cool," said BMS student, Anna Jo Hall.

"Eighty six percent range, I mean that's pretty close to totality. So, I mean it was pretty cool to look at it," said student, Trace Horn. 

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