Calhoun Co. couple organized big community "Unity Breakfast'

By Keneisha Deas |

Published 07/23 2016 07:04PM

Updated 07/23 2016 07:04PM

"We're living in evil times, but we can defeat evil with love," said Unity Breakfast organizer Kenneth Speights.
Kenneth and Vickie Speights are channeling love to organize the 'Unity breakfast' for Blounstown law enforcement and first responders.
They started it on Facebook.
"Two-hundred and seven people shared it alone. And I have over four-hundred and fifty two-responses," said Speights.
But Saturday was the finale.
The Speights challenged everyone to meet different faces from different races this week.
It's in light of the recent deadly shootings involving police officers.
Vickie Speights believes the youth are a big part of this conversation.
"They're the ones that's having the encounters with the officers. So if they can learn from us that we can all come together as one, perhaps maybe when they're approached, in a situation, they will not be afraid or nervous, or know how to handle themselves," said Speights.
Alex Buggs,16, said he's formed a close relationship with some officers.
"All the people around this town, officers and all really care about the lives around here and that they really do respect all of us," said Buggs.
Blounstown Police Chief Mark Mallory echoes the same sentiments.
"When they grow up to see their parents and law enforcement get along and there's a mutual respect for each other, then they'll learn to respect us and know that we have a respect and care for them," said Chief Mallory.
People need to know that change happens one conversation at time. It doesn't happen through passing laws, we gotta pass hugs and handshakes," added Blounstown Police Officer Daisy Holliday.
Speights wants this to continue for generations.
"My children see me out and about mingling here with a different race that don't look like me, then they'll know it's okay. 'It's okay for my daddy to do it, it's okay for me to do it," said Speights.
The Speights are planning on making this an annual event.

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