Cake Lovers Unite at Tasting Event


Tasting wedding cake is a part of the wedding planning process that many couples look forward to. From strawberry, to cookies and cream, locals enjoyed eight different wedding cakes today in a special tasting.
These ladies didn't need an excuse to eat wedding cake. 

"We love cake so we thought it would be a fun girls day," Brooks Beasley, a cake taster, said.

"It's not just for people getting married," Sabrina Shepard, Absolutely Cake's owner, said.

Absolutely Cake in Panama City held its first annual cake tasting event Sunday. At this tasting, marital status was irrelevant. 

"It's actually just for anyone, anyone who loves cake," Shepard said.

"We came to try their cake and see if we want it for our kids party in march," Megan Lake, another cake taster, said.

The $12 tickets included eight different tastings. Flavors ranged from strawberry, to lemon, to chocolate, and red velvet. 

"My favorite was definitely the cream cake with mixed berry combo, that was definitely the best," Lake said.

The seventy tickets sold out days before the event. 

"We actually expected only about 30, so we actually did double what we thought we would do," the owner said.

"I bake at home so it's always good to get ideas and check out fillings," Sandy Barnett, another taster, said.

The plate full of sweets did come with a few side effects. "I need a nap," Lake joked. "I'm just glad that there's leftovers for later," Barnett said.

The owner said she plans to make the tasting an annual event, and expand the size of it next year. 


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