Bystander Performs Tracheotomy on Choking Man at Peppers

Panama City, Fla. - An LPN performed a tracheotomy in the middle of Peppers Restaurant in Panama City to a Lynn Haven man who was choking on his food. 

According to a Panama City Police report, William Fitzgerald was choking when Cary Pierce and another man both tried the Heimlich Maneuver. They then attempted CPR. Then, Pierce, a licensed practical nurse who is studying to be a registered nurse, used a pocket knife and a straw to perform a tracheotomy. 

Pierce told police on scene that after he performed the procedure color returned to Fitzgerald's face and he began breathing again. 

Pierce added that when EMS arrived he panicked and left the scene because he felt he would get, "the bad end of the stick" for what he did. 

Pierce went to a nearby McDonalds but returned when he was told police were looking for him.

Investigators met with Fitzgerald in the hospital and were told that he would make a full recovery. Fitzgerald stated that he did not wish to pursue criminal charges against Pierce, according to the report.  

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