Business owners band together to create Keep St. Andrews Salty, an intiative to unite the community

By Larissa Scott |

Published 02/13 2016 01:47AM

Updated 02/15 2016 12:31PM

A group of business owners in the Historic St. Andrews area of Panama City, came together to highlight its unique characteristics with a brand new initiative they launched in January, to create a central voice for the area. 


"To preserve the uniqueness of the area. It's been here for over a hundred years and where do you find that? There's special places here and it's a place where people come all year round,” said One Heart Yoga Studio owner Pam Mclure Colvin.


Business owners came up with, Keep St. Andrews Salty, a phrase they said best describes this part of Panama City. 


"It is a very unique community. I've never seen merchants support each other like this. The competition isn't here. They are outstanding,” said Colvin. 


"We're an association of weird, independent, and proud businesses and we want to keep it that way. We are united as entrepreneurs and self-starters and have the quirkiest business owners and the most interesting shops,” said Floriopolis Creative Director Heather Parker.


They’ve started to use this as a way to remind locals that the community is there for them, and run by locals—because the business owners know that St. Andrews can only flourish with the support of Panhandle residents. 


"I love a good cup of coffee, I love cold salty oysters, I love fish tacos, and I can do all of that within walking distance from my business here. I just couldn't get that anywhere else in town,” said Sunjammers owner Brad Stephens. 


St. Andrews business owners hope this initiative will encourage residents to take advantage of the panhandle's local assets. 

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