Beach Mosquito Control Fights off Growing Pest Population

BAY COUNTY, Fla. - Summer is here and so are the mosquitoes...that's why Beach Mosquito Control is spreading the word about prevention.

There was severe flooding in Bay County last week from heavy rain and in some areas, water still remains. Beach Mosquito Control is worried about that standing water and what it could mean for the mosquito population. 

 Water is a huge part of the life cycle of a mosquito and when they lay their eggs, they need the water to hatch. Those eggs that have been laying around for a year are very likely to hatch after a major flooding event like the one we saw last week. The control unit isn't the only one that can prevent growth of the bug population, you too can help get rid of those pesky pests. 

"We want people to learn how to help us "Fight the Bite" and what they can do around their homes and how to protect themselves against the bite of the female mosquito" Beach Mosquito Control Public Relations and Education, Cindy Mulla.

 A couple ways to "battle the bug" include using Mosquito Dunks, insect repellents and Citronella candles. Officials are urging individuals to start getting serious about protection as mosquito season reaches it's peak. 

"When the temperatures start warming up, the mosquitos, larvae and adults start becoming more and more active. Unfortunately, what most people don't realize is just how much wetlands are around Panama City Beach area, especially North of Back Beach Road" said Beach Mosquito Control Pilot, Brad Gunn. 

Gunn patrols, searches and treats standing water in bay county that trucks from the road just can't get to. Bodies of water like these have the potential to hold thousands of mosquitos just waiting to be born. 

"I look at our job as, we're kind of like umpires and referees in sports. If we're doing our job right, nobody notices. Make a mistake and do it wrong then everybody notices" said Gunn.

For more on how to "Fight the Bite" visit


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