BCSO Teaches How to Avoid Scams

BAY COUNTY, Fla. - From gas skimmers to fake items for sale on Craigslist, people are constantly trying to scam others for their money. 

Thursday morning the Bay County Sheriff's Office held a class informing residents how to avoid being scammed. 

Scams are everywhere. Florida is one of the top ten states with the most complaints of scams and fraudulent activities. These scams are even happening right here in Bay County. 

"This one told me that my grandson was in jail and that he needed $2,000 to get out. You really need to be careful. Don't believe everyone that calls you and tells you all these things," said Scam Class Attendee, Libby Tunnell. 

The Bay County Sheriff's Office taught individuals about different scams and how to avoid being tricked. The target audience for this particular class was a specific age group. 

"People need to be careful, they really hit on older people," said Tunnell. But why do scammers tend to target the elderly? 

"People of that age group, 90% of the time have good credit and they don't want anything to happen to their credit, they don't want anything to go bad or look bad on their credit so they go and pay it without thinking and they get caught off-guard," said BCSO Inspector, Paul Vecker.

Individuals in attendance shared their accounts of how they were almost scammed and learned how to avoid it. 

A few tips were don't answer an unfamiliar number, check ATM's to make sure there isn't a skimmer, and never wire money to someone you don't know.

BCSO says it's important to educate not just this age group, but everyone on how to avoid being scammed out of their money. BSCO said Thursday's class was such a success that they hope to host another with-in the next couple months. There is no set date yet, but they're aiming for closer to the holidays when even more scams come to life. 


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