BCSO: Richochet Wounds West Bay Man

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. - A ricochet from a bullet fired into a ditch sent a local man to the hospital, Bay County Sheriff's deputies wrote in a news release. 

Deputies wrote that the victim, Marc Massey, 30, of Panama City and the shooter, Barry Turner, 55, of Panama City Beach were in a verbal altercation on Turner's home on Highway 388 and Temple Avenue when Turner fired several alleged warning shots in the victim's direction.

"After the third shot, the victim grabbed his head and cried out he had been shot," officials wrote.

The victim then left the area and was eventually transported to a local hospital with a head wound.

"When investigators made contact with the victim at the hospital they learned from medical personnel there was only one wound on the victim’s head with no exit wound. But diagnostic tests did not find any metal in the victim’s head wound," officials wrote. "It is believed the third shot Turner fired caused a rock to ricochet and hit the victim in the head, causing the wound."

Investigators said prior to the shooting the victim sent threatening text messages to Turner's daughter, had several verbal arguments with her throughout the day and then continued to verbally fight with Turner. Turner also has a health condition that could make any physical confrontation life-threatening, officials say. 

Finally, Turner claimed that he fired his weapon three times at a ditch a significant distance away from the victim when the victim refused to leave his property. 

No charges have been filed against Turner. 



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