BCSO Begins Spring Break Beach Patrol

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. - March 1 marks the first official day of spring break on Panama City Beach, meaning spring break ordinances are back.

"There are several that went into effect today. One is no alcohol allowed on the sandy beaches in Panama City Beach. The other one is no alcohol in the parking lots," said Major Ricky Ramie, BCSO.

The Bay County Sheriff's Office is out patrolling the beaches to make sure no one violates these rules. If anyone tries to say they didn't know about the rules, well that's going to be hard to argue.

"If you traveled anywhere on the highways to get here, there's signs including the overhead signs that are the digital display boards that have the message on there as well as when you come into the beach from in town, 79 and then multiple places on Front Beach Road where there's flashing signs in regards to it," said Ramie.

Of course, it's only been one day, but the sheriff's office says so far they haven't had any trouble.

"Well it's pretty light and even with the kids being out of school this is probably the most populated place right now at Rick Seltzer and everyone receives us, waves at us as we go by, so we haven't met any resistance what-so-ever and actually get thanked quite often for being down here," said Ramie.

Ramie said they expect the biggest crowd to be in town the weekend of March 11, but they still aren't planning to bring in any extra officers this year as long as everyone, including locals, play by the rules.

"Follow the ordinances. They're in place because we had a problem and if you follow the rules then ultimately, we'll all get along fine," said Ramie.

Other ordinances include no riding scooters after dark, and places that sell alcohol must close by 2 a.m. The spring break ordinances go through the entire month of March.

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