Bay District To Hire 28 New Teachers

Panama City, Fla. - Schools in the Bay District are asking people to consider becoming teachers. 

The district says they need to fill 28 teaching positions to place in their 47 schools. There are five teaching openings at Jinks Middle School.

"We need teachers who are certified in science, math, english, language arts, media, and business technology," Principal Britt Smith said. 

You are qualified within the entire Bay District if you have just a bachelor's degree. There's no teaching license necessary right away.

Whether it's an engineering, math, or liberal arts degree, almost any bachelors degree will make you qualified. 

"Even if you don't have a background as a teacher, or complete a teaching degree, we're willing to work with you and help you be successful in the classroom," Smith said.

If hired, you work to receive a temporary teaching certificate. Then, you'll eventually earn a professional certificate.

"I want those type of people who want to make a positive difference in the lives of children in our community," he said. 

Jinks Middle could also use teachers with an endorsement to teach English to students who speak a different first language. They are hiring people with degrees to teach students with unique learning needs. 


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