Bay District Schools Clarify Head Lice Policy

BAY COUNTY, Fla. - In Bay County, school leaders closely watching the flu season but it is not the only health issue that has caused parents concerns. Recently, a petition was started by parents regarding Bay District Schools head lice policy. The petition claims the district has recently changed the head lice policy to one that keeps kids in school when they have nits if no bugs are found.

According to the district's policy documents, the change was made in May 2017, and has been in effect all school year. It was based off a recommendation from the health department and information from the CDC.

The current district policy says if a child has live bugs in their hair or nits in the base of the hair follicle, near their scalp, they will have to stay home from school. If the nits are in the bottom of the hair they are allowed to go to school. All the details about head lice are communicated to parents in various ways. 

"That communication is a phone call. And there is some paper work that goes home with the students with recommendations regarding how to take care of a head lice concern and there is also information that's communicated to the parent in the paperwork that tells the length of the exclusion," said Bay District Schools Director of Student Services Lee Stafford. 

The CDC however, doesn't recommend students are excluded from school at all with lice because they don't carry disease and are not considered to be of great harm. 

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