Bay County voters show permanent support with Trump Tattoos

By Tiffany Jackson |

Published 07/23 2016 08:30PM

Updated 07/25 2016 12:03AM

Local Donald Trump fans are opting for a more permanent campaign sign this election season.
It wasn't your average Saturday at the Electroluxe Tattoo Company on Panama City Beach.
Instead of barbed wire or flowers, these people are opting for another signature symbol.
Donald Trump, Republican Presidential Nominee, is permanently on their skin.
They weren't expecting to walk out with Trump tattoos, but Jay and Katie Furr said they couldn't resist.
"We're huge Trump supporters. I think what, I don't know they came up with a cool design and we loved it so we had to get them," said Jay Furr, Trump Supporter.
In a unique campaign rally, the Electroluxe owner offered supporters free Trump tattoos.
"Why not host an event like this is more like it. Trump is very strong and he's doing a lot of big things and he's doing a lot of good things," said Steven Thomas, Exectroluxe Owner.
"He's going to make things happen. Make America Great Again is his slogan and I think it's going to happen," said Supporter Tony Super.
For those who were too afraid or too young to go under the needle temporary Trump tattoos were also available.
People could also show their support for Trump by making a donation to his campaign or simply registering to vote.
"Hopefully everybody's registered in time and everybody gets out and votes. Don't sit at home, get out and vote," said Super.
"The potential of what's coming is very very exciting and I think a lot of people have jumped on that Trump Train and it's run right straight through Bay County," added Thomas.

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