Bay County Officials Urge Residents to Make a Hurricane Plan

BAY COUNTY, Fla. - Bay County is no stranger to hurricanes and officials in the Panhandle are keeping a close eye on Irma and the forecast.

"If they haven't prepared for hurricane season, this is the time to do that," said Bay County Emergency Operations Chief, Mark Bowen. Hurricane Irma has strengthened in the Atlantic Ocean and is now an extremely powerful storm. After seeing the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, there are fears of what this new storm could do to the Panhandle. Irma's path isn't set in stone yet, but in the event it does hit Bay County, officials are advising residents to be ready.

"They have got to make a plan and it is not as simple as simply signing up for Alert Bay, or doing you know, one thing. They have got to make a detailed plan for hurricane season," said Bowen. is the official site used in emergency situations like a dangerous storm. By signing up for Alert Bay, you will receive emergency push notifications and there's even a feature to help you make a plan. The best plan is to start by stocking up on supplies.

"Everything from medications to food and water, to out of the area contact numbers, it's just a plethora of things that people need to do... but once they do it, they're good to go," said Bowen.

Bay County officials are watching the storm and hoping it doesn't hit us, but strongly urge the importance of being prepared. To make an account with Alert Bay, visit and click "sign up". 


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