Bay County Deputy Uses Narcan to Save Man's Life

The nasal spray has been administered four times since May

BAY COUNTY, Fla. - For Bay County Deputy Christopher Sammons, going to work, is a lot like coming home.
"I was raised by this agency."
His father worked in the Warrants division for 26 years and his mother, Becky Johns, has been with the Sheriff's Office for 32 years, working in Records.
"It's a family tradition for us," said Sammons.
He started with the Sheriff's Office in 2001, though it feels like a lot longer. There's black and white photos showing him helping his mom with Project 25 in the late 80's.  
Now, he's a deputy serving the community he grew up in, and recently, responsible for saving a man's life with a new tool in his medical kit.
"It completely kills whatever is in their system, and takes them out of that high," said Sammons.
A couple weeks ago, Sammons was on patrol when he noticed a truck pulled over on the side of the road and a man slumped over his seat.
"I called out to him, and didn't get any answer."  
When Deputy Sammons got closer and inside the truck, he noticed the man is not only unresponsive, but in bad shape.
"He appeared to be having labored breathing, his pulse was weak."
He immediately called for back up and together with another deputy, determined the man behind the wheel, was overdosing.
"We found narcotics in the vehicle, in his lap."
Without hesitation, Sammons administered that new tool, Narcan, which reverses the effects of opioids such as heroin or prescription pain pills. Since May, every Bay County deputy on patrol, has it.
"I just felt in this type of situation, seconds saves lives and deputies are sometimes the first on the scene," said Sheriff Tommy Ford. Since deputies became equipped with Narcan in mid May, they've administered it four times. 
"It was my understanding if he didn't receive the Narcan, he could've possibly suffered life altering injury or death," said Sammons.
For Sammons, it feels good to see a positive outcome, especially when his goal is to make a difference every time he puts on this uniform.
"Anything we can do to the help anybody in the community is a good feeling."

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