Bay County Deputy Comforts Woman

BAY COUNTY, Fla. - "It didn't take me very long to get there," said Bay County Deputy Christy Parker. "Thank God."

Just around the corner, was the Cedar Grove home, where a man just collapsed in his garage. While EMS arrived at the same time and tends to him, Deputy Parker speaks with his wife, who is somewhat distraught. 

Parker helps the woman navigate her phone and find her daughter's number so she can call her daughter and waits for her to arrive.

"This is close to my heart, because I have one grandparent left, it's a step grandparent, and I'd want someone to do that for her."

After the woman's daughter arrives, Deputy Parker gets back on patrol. However, her thoughtfulness far from over.

"A few hours later, before I left, I wanted to call and check on her and see how things we're going, because it wasn't 100% he was going to pass or survive."

Sadly, he didn't make it. After hearing the news, Parker told the family to reach out if they needed anything. She also took it upon herself to stop by the home a few days later.

"Her husband of so many years is gone," said Parker. "I wanted to make sure she was OK, or someone was there with her."

A sense of duty beyond the call to make that difference, Parker swore to uphold.

"If I can make one difference a day, that's more than anyone can say if I hadn't woke up and got dressed in the uniform."

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