Bay County Commissioners Combating Opioid Epidemic with Lawsuit

BAY COUNTY, Fla. - Bay County Commissioners are drawing attention to the opioid epidemic that is affecting the entire nation, and more specifically right in our backyards.                      

Several agencies in Bay County like law enforcement, the jail, and clinics are doing whatever they can to combat the epidemic, but Bay County Commissioner, Robert Carroll, explained that  these efforts are costing tax payers thousands of dollars.

"There's all kinds of excess funding that no one was prepared for that we're trying to deal with this crisis," he said. "Anything to help with these clinics, to help these families, to help these children that no longer have their parents -- that are in the jails that are being overcrowded."

Bay County Commissioners decided to join hundreds of cities and counties across the state to try and win back the funds they have lost while fighting the crisis.
"We are looking to bring on attornies to be apart of class action type lawsuits, they are going after pharmaceutical companies, because we are trying to recoup some funds because it's costing tax payers a lot of dollars," Carroll said.

Commissioners did not decide on a law firm to use for the lawsuit, and will continue the dicussion of the lawsuits at their next meeting on December 19.

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