Bay Co. Deputy Intervenes for Stranded Motorists

SOUTHPORT, Fla. - Most mornings for Bay County Deputy Dominic Cross start out kind of slow. He spends them outside Southport Elementary school making sure drivers slow down in the school zone. 

A couple weeks ago, one driver catches his attention when they come to a complete stop. 

"I see an elderly gentleman gets out the truck, he approaches me in the median, and apologizes off the bat," said Cross. The man told him his truck broke down and he's pretty sure his alternator died.

Without hesitating, Deputy Cross connects the man's truck to his SUV, and tows it to the substation up the road.  

The driver, though had another dilemma. 

"He had his mother with him, who he was endeavoring to get to the airport, and she would be missing her flight at this point," said Cross.

The two were crunched for time, but Deputy Cross wasn't. With no current calls, he offers to bring his mother-in-law to the airport.

"I grabbed the luggage, threw it in the back," said Cross. "I met his mother, lovely young lady, put her in the back, and we had some wonderful conversation on the way up to the airport."

It wasn't the trip she expected, but she made it there with time to spare. Deputy Cross said it was a privilege to help out. 

"We don't usually play Uber too often, but in occasions like this, when we get an opportunity to give back to the community, we're more than happy to do so."

It's just one example of making a difference, no matter how small. It's the reason why he chooses to put on the uniform every day.

"I've always wanted to be a superhero as silly as that sounds. Obviously, none of us can be real superheroes, but I felt like this was as close as I could get to being one."

He went into law enforcement when he was 23. He started with the New York Police Department where he worked for 15 years. He was only two months on the job when terrorists attacked the World Trade Centers on September 11th. 

Cross has been with Bay County Sheriff's Office for a little more than a year now, but is happy to call Bay County home, doing a job he absolutely loves.

"It's very gratifying for me, it has its own rewards. I have no illusion of getting rich off it. I get rich in other ways."

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