Animal Control: Dogs Attack Horse and Pony in Youngstown

A Youngstown family is still in shock after two dogs reportedly attacked their horses this week. Bay County Animal Control reports show the dogs are also accused of destroying a chicken coop. 
"When I first came home I heard my dog barking, so I knew something was going on.." said Patricia Bush.
A typical lunch break check on her animals did not go as usual for Patricia Bush. 
"I got into the yard and I saw two dogs out in the horse pen and then I looked over and saw my pony laying there dead," said Bush. 
She said two dogs jumped over her fence on Friday and attacked her horse and killed her pony. 
"I was a little scared to go out there myself but I knew I had to get out there to the horse so that's when I decided to go in and grab my pistol. And then like I said, when I came back out with the pistol they took off over the back fence," said Bush.
Her 28-year-old horse, "Chance," was badly injured from the attack. 
"He was in pretty bad shape. He was in shock, he didn't want to move." said Bush.
It was too late to save her eight-year-old pony, "Bea." 
Bush said the hardest part is that she had just got Bea.
"I just got her around Christmas time for my grand daughter."
Bay County Animal Control officials confirmed Saturday they found one of the two dogs responsible. They are still looking for the other, who is brindle colored and most likely has a broken leg.
"People need to be on the lookout for him," said Bush.
Bush is still so concerned that she took her horse to a friend's home to recover.
"He's over at a friends house because the vet says the dog may know he's hurt and then come back," said Bush.
Now Bush has a message for dog owners.
"All I ask is for people to please keep their dogs in your yards, please know where they are at all times," said Bush.
Anyone with information relating to the missing dog is asked to call Bay County Animal Control.

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