'Alice Wonderland' Destroys Construction Site

Crestview, Fla. -
What started out as a typical, quiet night in Crestview quickly changed, after the police dispatch were inundated with calls of a man destroying a local liquor store construction site.

"At approximately 9 o'clock Saturday night, I got a call from Wa lMart that, there was an individual inside our fenced area attempting to knock walls down," explained Jeff Smith, McWhorter and Co. Contractors.

Mathew Horace Jones, 32, is now in custody following a rampage that caused  more  than  $100,000  in  damage  to  the  liquor  store  under construction at the Crestview Wal Mart.

"The good news is that the guy who did it is now a guest of the county and over in Okaloosa County jail," said Brian Hughes, Public Information Officer, Crestview Police Department.

When Jones aimed the forklift toward Crestview Police Officers, he was stopped at gunpoint and detained.  Jones "stated  his  name  was  Alice  Wonderland and he was told to commit the offenses by a hookah-smoking caterpillar."

"He should probably think twice before doing something like that and uh, the good thing is no body got hurt, he didn't get hurt and none of the customers, Wal Mart customers or associates got hurt," said Smith.

"Apparently, the main thing that got stuck in his crawl was that liquor was going to be sold there and I guess he did not approve of that," said Hughes.

Even with this set back, McWhorter and Company says their goal is still to complete this project by October.   

Jones allegedly broke into the fenced-in construction site on the north side of the store. Police say he used an extendable forklift parked at the job site and destroyed the building under construction, which will be attached to the main store.

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