Alf Coleman Road Flooding

BAY COUNTY, Fla. - The Panama City Beach City Council met and surprisingly did not discuss the controversial topic of scooter rentals. With Wednesday's bad weather still fresh in their minds, the topic of storm water fueled the conversation. 
There was some serious flooding all over Bay County and one of the most effected places was Alf Coleman Road. The road was completely submerged and law enforcement had to close it off to local traffic only. Since that particular road tends to flood quite frequently, the council and engineers discussed how they could solve this problem and if funding the fix is possible. 
"The only fix that we found that would be permanent would be to raise it and put in box holders underneath it. Don't think we'll be able to do that at this time with the money we have available,but it's always on our radar to try to improve it so when we can whether it be through the CRA or partially through the storm water... it's something that we know is a problem that needs to me addressed" said City Engineer, Kelly Jenkins. 
It doesn't look like there is enough money in the budget to fund this project. Engineers and the city will look into different funding methods and hopefully accomplish this goal sometime in the future. 

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