Alaqua Dog Rescue

Freeport, Fla. - This morning's rain didn't put a damper on Alaqua Animal Rescue volunteers, who made it their sole mission to rescue 53 abused dogs, including some new born puppies needing medical attention.

Jackson County Sheriff's Deputies raided and closed a large puppy mill on Porter Drive in Grand Ridge. They moved more than 100 of them out of the unsanitary living condition and into an animal shelter in Chipley. A little less than half of them are now at the Alaqua Animal Refuge in Walton County.

"All of the dogs were taken in the middle of the night. I think they unloaded the last one at about 3:30 in the morning and they were brought to the location. Alaque went the next day, along with some other of the no kill rescue groups and we evaluated what we could of the dogs but there was a five day hold before we were allowed to take any of them out," explained Laurie Hood, Founder of Alaqua Animal Rescue.

Abused dogs are often hard to place. They have to be quarantined for 5 days.

"We are on day five now. So we went in this morning and we took what was left. So what I mean by what was left, there were animals that were made available for adoption on Saturday. So, a lot of the cuter ones or the healthier ones all had names put on them and so Alaqua went in this morning and we took 53 animals," described Hood.

The rescue team took mothers with the nursing babies, the pregnant, the injured, the sick and the old. Many of the rescued dogs had visible medical issues and needed immediate attention.

"There is a pretty lengthy process. Since they were exposed to likely disease at the first location they were at, then brought to a public facility where they were also exposed to different illnesses and diseases, we anticipate a lot of them getting sick now after the fact," said Hood.

It's going to be a long time before these animals are ready to be adopted. Officials say they want to be sure each dogs is fully evaluated and in excellent health before they place them up for adoption.

They say that a lot of the viruses don't show until five to 21 days after exposure. It will take about three weeks until they know what they are dealing with.

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