Airport Board Outlines Uber/Lyft Regulations

WEST BAY, Fla. - When Uber began operating in Bay County, it didn't take them long to make an impact at Northwest Florida Beaches International.

"Uber started at 12:00 on March 10. By 12:30, Uber was already at the airport," said Parker McClellan, Airport Executive Director.

Because of this, airport officials drafted new regulations specifically addressing ride sharing companies like Uber and Lyft.

"We've created another category of ground transportation company called transportation network companies that do all their interactions via a web application," said McClellan.

The Airport Board approved the transportation network company operating agreement Wednesday morning. 

Because TNC's have separate regulations from taxi companies, they will also be separated from taxis when they're at the airport.

"They're going to be picking up at the end of the covered walkway right in the short term parking lot and that way we differentiated the two, the different kind of vehicle for hires that we have," said McClellan.

The agreement also outlines fees the companies will pay the airport.

"For every pick up, the airport will receive $2.50 from the TNC. That's done using their geo fence technology and their application technologies," said McClellan.

The airport is also going to keep an eye on how the two types of transportation - Uber and Taxi's - work along side each other.

"The board has a concern about what the impacts of Uber are going to be on the existing companies so what we did was agree, we agreed with the board that we would do a 90-day review to see what the impacts were going to be and at that point in time we'll come back and make a recommendation to the board as to how we should proceed knowing what the impacts are going to be," said McClellan.

The airport said they expect Lyft to begin offering services at the airport starting March 23.

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