Adam "A.J." Fisher is a "Big Deal" in Bay District Schools

YOUNGSTOWN, Fla. - The kindness of kindergartners is so genuine. Waller Elementary student Adam "A.J." Fisher naturally stepped up in Ms. Leslie Lee's class and gave up his free time to take care of a classmate.
"He wasn't feeling very well. He grabbed a pillow out of the reading center, and I noticed that he wasn't feeling very well so I grabbed a soft blanket and covered him up," A.J. said.  "I just wanted to help him to feel better."
"He also went to the writing station and got a piece of paper, and I knew he was writing but then he brought me the note, and it said that his friend had a fever, and it was very precious because he wrote fever 'fevr,'" Lee said.  "He was very compassionate and caring because he could have went off and played and not worried about who else wasn't feeling well,"
Each week, News 13 partners with Sonny's Barbecue and Bay District Schools to present the It's a Big Deal Student's Care award. Students are nominated by their teachers each week and the new winner is announced every Monday on News 13 Live at Five.

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